Tips to Unlock an 800 Credit Score

Lorie Woodruff
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There are many factors that could be inhibiting you from reaching your credit score goals. The best way to unlock an 800 credit score is to educate yourself about credit. If you can get an understanding of what lenders look for to decide whether you qualify for a loan or not.

The most cost-effective action to take is for you is to ditch the credit repair companies and get an understanding of a loan officer’s perspective.

Many people are treated unfairly for a bad credit score that they don’t even deserve. Are you ready to unlock lower interest rates and deposits? Keep reading for a loan officer’s advice on building good credit.

Stick to a Budget

I started out as a loan officer, the five figures monthly pay was pretty decent so I had fun with it. I spent money on fancy stuff and invested in real estate so I had several rental properties. That’s when the problem started because the tenants were not paying rent on time and I was behind on my mortgage.

I then had to dip into my savings then I started to use my credit card and my credit score started to decline. Unfortunately, I had to do a short sale on one of my properties and I didn’t make a profit on the house. I don’t want people to make the same mistakes I made, I want to show you how to avoid these. The average household debt in America is around $58,604. As for the average credit card balance, that’s around $5200 and the average credit score in America is 736. Many Americans live off their credit cards. Therefore, it’s essential to make an effort to stick to a budget even if you have a pretty bank account.

Review Your Credit Often

Don’t be afraid to look at your credit score or be ashamed to apply for credit. Take control of your credit, ignoring it will not improve your credit score. Insurance, deposits and interest rates are higher when you have bad credit. Keep in mind that 80% of credit scores have errors, don’t let that slide, take control of your credit.

Understand Your Consumer Rights

Inaccurate information that cannot be verified should be removed from your credit report. The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) was passed by congress with the intention to regulate credit reporting agencies and promote accuracy of the information in consumer reports. The Act spelled out all the rules and regulations that credit-reporting agencies must follow before updating consumers’ credit reports. Your information should be verified and accurate.

So if Capital One wants to add something to your credit report, it’s required for them to call you and confirm the information. Otherwise, that information is like a rumor.

The truth is that credit bureaus pay fines each year for failing to update your files correctly. They make money correcting credit but make money selling credit files to big industries and companies.

Finally, be careful of those that ask you for help with making purchases. There are situations where a friend or family member may face difficulties with getting a loan.

If you’re someone that plans to take a loan for anything in the future, whether it be a personal or business loan. Don’t co-sign for anyone that can’t get a loan, it will hurt your credit score.

Update Your Credit Report

After you’ve received your credit report, highlight negative information such as repossession out of your control, late payments, wrong addresses, or names. Next, challenge incorrect data and if you have a bill you usually pay on time, add it to your credit report.

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It’s essential to educate yourself on how credit works. Review your credit report and ensure that the information is accurate. File disputes when necessary and have your credit report updated each year. If you would like to understand the mindset of a lender. Learn from a loan officer. Click here for an inside look at how you can boost your credit score in just one month.

Take a look at what my customer had to say.

“I started to clean my credit in hopes of purchasing a new home and becoming more financially stable. There has been a combination of 30 accounts and 30 accounts deleted from my reports. Within my first round of dispute letters, I sent out! It wasn’t difficult at all, and I know I saved

money instead of going to a credit repair company. “ T.Briscoe

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