What Udemy Course Teaches About Growing Active Instagram Followers

Lorie Woodruff
3 min readOct 31, 2022

If you want to grow on Instagram and you’ve been wondering what Udemy course to try next. I’ve tried a free course called The Complete Instagram Marketing Course for Beginners. I would like to share my notes with you about the section “How to get 50,000 Authentic Followers on Instagram”.

I’ll share some free tools and strategies to grow organic Instagram followers. You’ll also learn how to keep followers engaged and grow your account daily. The course also mentioned paid tools you can use. However, we listed all the freebies for you. You’ll need to sign up with Udemy to access the free Instagram course.

How to Create High-Quality Content

The better your content quality is, the more likely people will engage and share your post. All photos and videos should be clear and related to your niche, be sure to give credit if it’s someone else’s content. Watermark your posts and tag popular accounts in your niche. As for creating content, Pixabay is used for royalty-free stock footage and images, while Canva is used to organize content. Using Instagram-stats.com to analyze your performance and discover the best times to post is essential.

Captions should be grammatically correct, include hashtags, and improve the understanding of your content. Next, consistency will help you to gain more followers and engagement. A new account should aim for 2–3 posts throughout the day, don’t spam followers by posting too often. Aim to post every 4–5 hours as your page grows. Repost popular pages and provide credit to the owners. Reposting is a great way to get a free shoutout.

Tips on Increasing Engagement

Keep followers engaged by responding to direct messages and replies to posts. This way, people can see your page is real and take the page seriously. Next, ask questions in your post or captions. Try something like, “Where are my followers from?” People usually comment once you start your last sentence with words like Who, what, when, where, why, or how.

Hashtags are a great way to target people that want your content. It’s free advertising! Use similar hashtags on every post but don’t use the same hashtags every time. Tags for Likes is a great app for finding hashtags related to your niche.

How to Grow Your Instagram Followers

While learning what the Udemy course taught, I noticed it emphasized consistency to grow your Instagram followers. It’s crucial to be consistent every day for your strategy to succeed. Use hashtags wisely and network within your niche. Find ways to network with others, join groups or send a direct message with a genuine compliment. Once you engage often, people will assist you.

You may create groups on Instagram, Groupme, or Kik. Reach out to accounts with a similar following and engagement as you. Let them know you started an engagement group to help with account growth. Additionally, you can offer followers value by prompting them to click the link in your bio. Recommend something your followers need help with and post valuable content by other users in the community. Once you do this consistently, people will promote your page as well.


Your Instagram account will grow with consistency, high-quality content, and an engaging caption. Social media is about being social; therefore, Instagram will work in your favor once you become more social online. With the right strategy, your Instagram audience will engage and grow. Take a look at what the Udemy course has to offer, the link will be added below.

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